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Semester Courses

Room: 605

Start M Tu W Th F
8:00 AM   212L Avila Cadena 212L Fung 212L Smith  
11:30 AM   212L Wuchner 212L Kimes 212L Smith
3:00 PM 101L Dolmat 212L Dubuque    
7:00 PM        

Room: 606

Start M Tu W Th F
8:00 AM   226L Gomez Lopez 226L Palacios    
11:30 AM   226L Leyva 227L Avila Cadena 227L Avila Cadena
3:00 PM   226L Movag 226L Jones 226L Avila Cadena
7:00 PM     226L Gomez Lopez  

Room: 650

Start M Tu W Th F
8:00 AM   211L Hartig 211L Dolmat 211L Palacios  
11:30 AM   211L Movag 211L Seropian 211L Jones
3:00 PM   211L Hartig 211L Kimes 211L Fung
7:00 PM     211L Fung  

Room: 656

Start M Tu W Th F
8:00 AM   225L Ceja 225L Carpenter 225L Lockerby  
11:30 AM   225L Gomez Lopez 225L Pannone 225L Lockerby
3:00 PM 225L Ceja 225L Leyva 225L Seropian  
7:00 PM   225L Leonard   225L Leonard

Room: 664

Start M Tu W Th F
8:00 AM   A101L Usufzy A101L    
11:30 AM 1230 A101L Carrillo A101L Usufzy     A101L Usufzy
3:00 PM 0330 A101L Carrillo A101L Lopez A101L Mansingh    
7:00 PM   A101L Lopez A101L Mansingh